On location shoots of any size

From small crew setups for shooting talking heads, to complex sets designed and built for multiple day filming setups, our team can help you navigate all aspects of film production.

Studio Setup
Our team has experience building sets and studio environments of many sizes and scope.

Adapted to Your Needs
Locations and schedules can be accommodated to fit your requirements and special circumstances.

With years of creative production experience, our team consists of craftspeople and storytellers, deeply involved in all aspects of film making.

Powerful Narratives
As they say in Hollywood, “show, don’t tell”. We tell stories that engage HCPs, help educated patients, and guide caregivers in multiple ways.

From Pre-production to deployment, and everything in-between.

We can help setup expectations during storyboarding, navigate local permits and studio needs, all the way to outputting the most relevant formats to different platforms.

Storyboarding, casting, location scouting, animatics, pre-viz.

Worldwide, on location, partnering with local talent and keeping costs down.


Editing, color correction, audio mix, motion graphics and CGI.

Output files and multiple versions of your final product, maximizing budgets and messaging.

Motion graphics, re-imagined for the healthcare industry

We understand that fully approved manuscript will turn into multiple rounds of legal revisions. So we’re here as partners, going along every step of the way and making sure budgets will not spiral out of control.

Striking animations, highlighting the science in an engaging and instructive way.

Our motion graphics budgets are based on industry needs, and are always kept realistic.

We can help deliver stunning videos that are 100% scientifically accurate, with full support from medical specialists.